Animal Fu is the creation of martial artist & fitness presenter Linda Hall (Miss Fu!)

Using the foundation principles of Tai Chi and Martial Arts, it encourages younger children to interact and move; improving their co-ordination, agility and balance through five fun characters: Mabu The Monkey, Boris The Tiger, Patsy The Bear, DJ Fin and Master Storky.

Using these 5 characters, Linda has created a series of videos that children can watch whilst exercising again and again.

You can do Animal Fu!

Watch this video for a taste of a typical class…

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Meet the Animal Fu Team


Boris the Tiger

Boris the Tiger was born in a part of Russia which is very cold and covered with snow for a large part of the year.

Boris is a very special tiger as, even though he is big and tough, he knows to use his strength only to help others.

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DJ Fin

DJ Fin was born on the streets of Great Britain and loves nothing more than playing his music and making others dance and TIP TAP their feet along to the rhythm!

He is a very cool and streetwise grasshopper. Not only does he know to treat others with respect, but also knows how to take good care of the world around him.


Master Storky

Master Storky was born in China where Animal Fu began many years ago. He is a very special Stork as, not only can he fly beautifully using his powerful wings, but he also knows the importance of keeping his mind and body in tip top condition!

Master Storky is famous all around the world for the teachings of Animal Fu. Let’s all bow to Master Storky… Bow down low to say “hello!”


Patsy the Bear

Patsy the Bear was born in Texas in America (where the cowboys come from) and she loves line-dancing. Patsy is very caring about other people around her and loves nothing more than to share all good things with her friends and family.

Master Storky taught Patsy a very special move involving side-steps, just like she uses in her line-dancing! Patsy found it hard to do at first but Master Storky said ‘believe you can!’ so she practiced and practiced until one day she found she could do it! Yeee Haaa!


Mabu the Monkey

Mabu the Monkey was born in the hot jungle of South America and can speak Spanish as well as English – HOLA!

Mabu has LOTS AND LOTS of energy because she eats yummy foods that are really good for her, like oranges and strawberries! But what do you think her favourite food is? Yes, you guessed it, bananas! Monkeys LOVE Bananas! She knows that if you eat right you feel right!


Children can earn Animal Fu sashes and badges

If your school or group is interested in one of our Animal Fu workshops, please contact us using the form below or via email to info@animalfu.com


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