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Boris the Tiger was born in a part of Russia which is very cold and covered with snow for a large part of the year. Boris is a very special tiger as, even though he is big and tough, he knows to use his strength only to help others.

Boris was taught lunges by Master Storky and likes to practice his giant ROOAAAARR! when he does them. ROOOAAARRRRR! Can you all roar like Boris? Let’s ROOOAAARR loudly like Boris! ROOOOARRR! Louder! ROOOAARRR! That’s great! Bullies wouldn’t like that! Boris does though, he loves to roar and lunge!

His motto is NO BULLYING!

Boris the Tiger's 7 Super Moves

  • Tiger Crawls

  • Tiger Lunges

  • Jump Lunges

  • Side Grab Kicks

  • Claw Blocks Walk

  • Tiger Climbers

  • Side Leaps

claw mark claw mark

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