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Patsy the Bear was born in Texas in America (where the cowboys come from) and she loves line-dancing. Patsy is very caring about other people around her and loves nothing more than to share all good things with her friends and family.

Master Storky taught Patsy a very special move involving side-steps, just like she uses in her line-dancing! Patsy found it hard to do at first but Master Storky said ‘believe you can!’ so she practiced and practiced until one day she found she could do it! Yeee Haaa!

Her motto is CARE & SHARE!

Patsy the Bear's 7 Super Moves

  • Front & Back Step

  • Side Heel Tap

  • Side Step

  • Turn & Clap

  • Swaying

  • Crouch & Duck

  • Front & Back Kick

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