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Master Storky was born in China where Animal Fu began many years ago. He is a very special Stork as, not only can he fly beautifully using his powerful wings, but he also knows the importance of keeping his mind and body in tip top condition! Master Storky is famous all around the world for the teachings of Animal Fu. Let’s all bow to Master Storky… Bow down low to say “hello!”

Master Storky believes that anyone can become what they would wish to be in life by working hard, keeping fit and active and in always believing that anything is possible! He knows that certain exercises can really help keep people calm and fit. His extra special moves are balancing and taking calm, deep breaths which he practices himself every single day.

His motto is BELIEVE YOU CAN!

Master Storky's 7 Super Moves

  • Arm Circles

  • High Knees

  • High Knee Jumps

  • Push Up & Twist

  • Lunge Knee Lift

  • Balancing

  • Magic Ball

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