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DJ Fin and The Cool Eye Test

A card arrived in the post one day, addressed to DJ Fin.

At first, DJ Fin was excited.


‘They might give me glasses!’ he said, ‘and glasses are COOL!’

Then he became worried, ‘I’ve never had an eye test before, I won’t know what to do.’

‘I don’t think that I want to go’ he said. “How can I get out of it?”

Then he had an idea…‘I know, I will play my favourite COOL TUNES really loudly, because whenever I do that, I forget the time. That way, I will miss my eye test!’

And so he put on his headphones and played COOL TUNES on his decks, really LOUDLY.

When Patsy the Bear came to visit, he didn’t hear or see her arrive.

She TWANGED his headphones.

‘Howdy DJ’ she said.

‘AAARGH!’ DJ Fin turned off the music.

‘Hi Patsy. Errr… what time is it?’ he asked.

‘Why? It’s not like you to ask what time it is’.

Patsy guessed he was up to something.

DJ Fin thought about not telling the truth, but Patsy was his friend, so he couldn’t do that. Also she was a really good Fib Spotter.

‘I’ve been invited to an eye test’ he said, showing her the card, ‘but I don’t want to go.’

‘I’ve been to the optician before’ said Patsy, ‘it’s fun. I’ll come with you if you like?’

‘I don’t think so’ said DJ Fin, ‘not today, maybe another day. I’m very busy you see…’

‘Doing what?’ asked Patsy.

DJ Fin couldn’t think of anything…

‘Listening to my COOL TUNES?’ he said, hopefully.

‘I will come with you to the opticians’ said Patsy, ‘it’s nothing to be worried about and it’s important too, and when we come back, we can listen to your tunes together, yeee ha! ‘

DJ Fin knew that Patsy the Bear wasn’t a Giver-Upper, which meant that she would never give up. And so he had to go…

‘Okaaay’ he said, in a wobbly voice.

That afternoon, they went to the opticians together.

DJ Fin looked through special funny glasses and read lots of letters and numbers, some that were really big and some so tiny he could only just see them.

He sat in a chair that went up and down when a lever was pressed. He pressed it a lot.

Patsy was right, it was fun!

When the test was over, he was given a smiley face sticker, and when the optician told him that he didn’t need glasses, DJ Fin wished that he did.

‘Glasses ARE COOL’ he said.

‘As cool as your tunes?’ asked Patsy.

‘Just as COOL’ said DJ Fin.

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