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Mabu The Monkey and The Hiccup Monster

Mabu the Monkey was feeling excited. Today was going to be a good day because it was a Wednesday and she ALWAYS saw her best friend Patsy the Bear on a Wednesday.

‘BANANAS! BANANAS! BANANAS!’ rang her alarm clock.

It was yellow and banana shaped and set for seven o’clock in the morning.

‘EXCELENTE!’ yelled Mabu, jumping out of bed. Time for a quick swing on her tree before going out.

She hopped downstairs; tree or breakfast? What to do first?

‘TREE!’ shouted Mabu ‘three swings before banana porridge!’

Mabu loved banana porridge for breakfast because it had bananas in it, and it kept her tummy full until lunchtime. ‘Eat right, feel right!’ Mabu giggled… so she went into the garden and swung into her tree with a ‘WHEEEEEEE!’

‘I must stop and have banana porridge’ she sensibly said, but… the tree was so much fun… WHEEEEEEEE!

Suddenly she remembered – it was Wednesday!

‘MIERCOLES!’ She jumped down from the tree and she raced back indoors for breakfast.

But, when she got inside, the clock on the wall said Nine o’clock! ‘I have to go!’ Mabu stopped and thought for just a minute…

Now, Mabu is usually clever and always eats the right food, food that gives her the energy to stay as lively as she is.

‘What about breakfast?’ she said, and then decided, ‘no time for banana porridge! I will take a biscuit to eat on the way.’ She opened the biscuit tin, ‘Aah CHOCOLATE… a chocolate one I think… maybe two, as it’s a SPECIAL day.’

Mabu took the biscuits and pushed them into her mouth, both at the same time and then she ran out of the house.

‘HOLA!’ she yelled as Patsy opened her door, ‘I’M HERE ON MIERCOLES! (Hic!)’

Mabu turned pink, ‘sorry’ she said, ‘I think it was the chocolate biscuits for breakfast.’

‘I thought you always had banana porridge for breakfast?’ said Patsy.

‘I do’ said Mabu, ‘but I was swinging in my tree and I ran out of time. I’m okay now though… (HIC!)’

‘let’s go out and find fantastic things to do!’ said Patsy.

‘EXCELENTE! (hic!)’ said Mabu.

Patsy and Mabu went to find fantastic things to do, and all the things that they found were fantastic… but Mabu couldn’t stop ‘HIC! HIC! HICCUPING!’

Soon she grew tired.

‘I’m tired (hic!)’ she said.

‘But you are NEVER get tired’ said Patsy, ‘especially on Wednesdays’.


‘What was that?’ asked Patsy.

‘I think it was a MONSTER!’ she said.

‘A monster?’

‘We’d better run!’ said Patsy.

‘I CAN’T’ said Mabu ‘I’m TIRED and my hiccups haven’t (hic!) gone.’

‘It’s getting closer’ whispered Patsy, ‘if we’re ever so quiet, maybe it won’t find us.’

‘HIC!’ Mabu hiccupped, loudly.

‘Stop hiccing!’ squeaked Patsy.


‘Wait a minute’ said Patsy and she looked at Mabu.



‘What’s me?’ (hic! GRRROWWWL!)

‘You’re the Hiccup Monster!’ said Patsy and she moved closer to Mabu, ‘that growling noise is coming from YOUR TUMMY!’

‘IT IS ME!’ she shouted, and then she thought, ‘I didn’t have banana porridge for breakfast,’ she said, ‘I had two chocolate biscuits instead, and chocolate biscuits aren’t the right sort of food to give me energy for finding fantastic things to do. It’s why I’m TIRED (I’m NEVER tired) and why there’s a growly monster in my tummy.’

‘I didn’t eat right and now I don’t feel right’ Mabu told Patsy.

‘Time for lunch then’ said Patsy the Bear. ‘Let’s go back to my house and feed the Hiccup Monster.’

‘I think Hiccup Monster’s favourite food is banana and toast,’ said Mabu.

‘Banana and toast it is,’ said Patsy, ‘we don’t want her GROWWWLING again!’

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