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Master Storky and The Spider

In the morning, when the sun first hits Master Storky’s garden, it shimmers with sparkling spider webs that are strung between the flowers and tall blades of grass. The dew hangs from each web, like diamonds on a necklace.

Master Storky loves walking in his garden at this time of day, studying the webs and enjoying the peace and quiet…


The sound was small, but in the silence of the garden, it sounded very loud.

Master Storky was surprised. Who was in his garden?

He couldn’t see anyone until he looked down in the grass and saw a spider.

‘NOT BEAUTIFUL!’ the spider shouted. With that, it lost hold of the thread on the web that it was spinning and slid to the ground with a BUMP!

‘Hello’ said Master Storky.

The spider jumped, ‘EEK!’ and scuttled behind a dandelion.

Master Storky sat down on the grass and asked, ‘Is something the matter little spider?’

The spider snuck out from behind the weed, its face covered with webby fluff.

‘No, except my web keeps breaking’

The spider tried again, it climbed up the dandelion and threw out a strand of silver silk which stuck to a tall blade of grass. Then it threw another that clung to the first and looked pretty, and then, feeling confident, it threw out another, and another and ANOTHER very quickly, until all the silks were tangled together.

The silks began to stretch like elastic, finally snapping and catapulting him into a bush.


‘Are you okay?’ asked Master Storky, as the spider crawled out.

‘I CAN’T DO IT!’ shouted the spider, in a voice so loud that it made the dandelion shake. ‘I GIVE UP! MY WEBS ARE RUBBISH!’

Then it crossed all eight of its legs and began to sulk.

‘Your web was beautiful,’ said Master Storky, ‘but you rushed it. Why don’t you try again, and take your time?’

‘Can’t’ said the spider.

‘You can,’ said Master Storky, ‘and you must believe that you can!’

The spider stayed very quiet until it said ‘Was my web really beautiful?’

‘Yes! Try again’ said Master Storky.

And so the spider did. It climbed back up the dandelion and threw out a strand of silk, and then it threw out another and another and another and ANOTHER!

‘Slow down!’ said Master Storky, but it was too late…

TWANG! went the web, AAAARGH! went the spider and landed back in the bush. SPLAT!

‘Oh dear,’ said Master Storky as the spider crawled out, ‘don’t give up little spider because things that are worth doing do take time. Relax, concentrate and your web will be perfect.’

The spider mumbled and grumbled all the way back to the dandelion. It threw out a silk… ‘Slowly,’ said Master Storky.

It threw out another… ‘Carefully,’ said Master Storky.

‘Concentrate,’ said Master Storky, and the next thread landed perfectly.

The spider tried again, very slowly and carefully, then again, taking its time and again, concentrating hard, until it was done. Then he stood back and looked at it.

A wonderfully clever spider web, hung with diamonds and sparkling like the sun.

‘Beautiful?’ he asked.

‘The MOST beautiful web in my garden’ said Master Storky.

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